OLD Sassy Fictional Friends

No longer posting to this account, go to sassyfictionalfriends.tumblr.com

Little reminder..

 Hey guys! I’ve noticed  there are a few new followers…which is great! But I have moved to sassyfictionalfriends.tumblr.com

feel free to stay as long as you want, but I will not be uploading Mary’s sassy comments to this blog anymore

Sorry for the hassle and hope to see you over there!!

happy easter

happy easter


Morning everyone, I have just moved to a new blog (same name)


Reason is this is a secondary blog and I want it to be my primary blog so I can message you guys and little things like that

Alright, hope to see you there!!

queen-anne-lace asked: these are hilarious! i hope you keep making more!

Thank you !!! And yes there’s no stoping now 💌